What is the definition of an Impact company or Impact organization?

What does it take for employers to join the Impactpool's employer network?

Impactpool is a value-driven company that appreciates diversity and loves working with multilateral organizations, businesses, investors, governments, and civil society organizations.

Impactpool is the world's fastest-growing one-stop-shop for Impact careers. To achieve that goal, we have been and will always be selective with whom we work. Global talents must know that all jobs on Impactpool are published by employers that intentionally contribute to Positive Impact.

We expect a common view of the world among the organizations and companies we work with. We wish them all to deliberately have a positive impact on people and the planet and share some fundamental values with us.

In this article, we describe the vetting process a company/organization must go through to be deemed suitable to be a member of Impactpool's employer network.

You will learn that Impactpool is not a career platform for all organizations/companies. To post your jobs on Impactpool you must meet high standards and agree to our four Impact statements.

Our definition of impact organization

We define impact organizations (or companies) as organizational entities that exist, at least in part, to make a positive change on people or the planet.

A positive change, should be a change that deliberately contributes to or can be derived from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Difference between Incidental and Intentional impact

An activity by an organization or a company can be impactful, but that is not enough for Impactpool to verify the entire organization as an impact company or an impact organization.

Likewise, a company may have a very positive impact because its business “incidentally” happens to create a positive impact, e.g., by creating jobs or providing dental care.

This is great and would be enough for many impact investors, but usually not for us. The reason is that the majority of the jobseekers who turn to us want to contribute to an intentional change.

Four Impact statements required to join Impactpool's employer network

To be accepted as an employer to publish job advertisements on Impactpool you must agree to our four Impact statements. Impactpool reserves the right to exclude partnering with organizations even if their own self-assessment indicates they are an impact company.

If you are an employer considering collaborating with Impactpool, please take a look at the below statements. To be deemed suitable to be a member of Impactpool's employer network, you must agree to all four.

Impact statement 1

An essential objective of your company's/organization's activities is to make a positive impact on people and/or the planet.

Your impact relates to one or several Sustainable Development Goals, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, or the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Your impact is intentional and not incidental.

Impact statement 2

Your company/organization firmly distances yourselves from all forms of:

  • Corruption and organized crime, fraud, or money laundering

  • Terror crimes or terrorism financing

  • Discrimination against persons based on gender, age, disability, race, national or ethnic origin, linguistic or religious affiliation, sexual orientation or identity or political view

  • Child labour, other forms of forced labour, modern slavery, and human trafficking

  • All forms of violence against women and girls, boys and men, in public and private spaces, including sexual harassment and exploitation, molestation, and all forms of sexual abuse

  • You do not make money from, nor do you encourage the use of fossil fuel, gambling, pornography, weapons, ammunition, or products used as a platform for weapons and military strategic products.

Impact statement 3

Environmental sustainability is important to your company/organization, and you strive to reduce the negative impact you may have through your activities.

Your aspirations include actively reducing your negative impact on climate and nature (biodiversity).

Impact statement 4

You believe that it is important to be transparent about your impact. You are or would be prepared to, publicly disclose your sustainability impact.

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