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Work at Geneva Call - Protecting civilians in armed conflict

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by Miguel Poñe
in partnership with Geneva Call

Published on: 5 April 2024

In situations of armed conflict, Geneva Call carries out humanitarian engagement with armed groups and de facto authorities using varied awareness-raising and training tools.

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Geneva Call is one of the world’s leading organizations in the field of humanitarian engagement with AGDAs. Geneva Call is active in 16 contexts worldwide, with offices in all of them, and has developed a humanitarian engagement with more than 170 AGDAs since 2000. 

Geneva Calls strives to improve the protection of civilians during armed conflicts by engaging armed groups and de facto authorities (AGDAs) to respect international humanitarian norms – international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL).

The possibility of humanitarian organizations engaging all parties to the conflict is provided for in Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. This work in no way changes the legal status of AGDAs.

The commitment to safeguarding civilians is distinctive and steadfast at Geneva Call. Geneva Call is the only organization in the world whose only focus is on bringing about long-lasting behavior change among Armed Groups and de facto Authorities (AGDA) to advance the protection of civilians, whereas other organizations also aim to increase knowledge of humanitarian standards. 


Geneva Call employs a highly motivated and committed staff of many different nationalities. As such Geneva Call offers a unique working environment in a challenging field. Geneva Call is an equal opportunities employer, and carries out a thorough recruitment procedure which may take several weeks.

Candidates must be able to travel. For operational positions, travel is required to various parts of the world, and at times to areas of conflict. Geneva Call’s working languages are English and French.

For other requirements, please see the individual notices posted on Impactpool.  Geneva Call cannot guarantee a reply to unsolicited applications.

In case you experience technical issues with the online application process, please write an email to: 

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Geneva Call undertakes this through the following steps:

  • Geneva Call regularly conducts a humanitarian engagement with AGDAs to raise their awareness on international humanitarian norms and convince them of the value of adhering to these norms. 
  • Geneva Call uses a range of tools, which are often complimentary to each other, to secure humanitarian commitments from AGDAs:

    • Deeds of Commitment
    • Unilateral Declarations
    • Internal Rules & Regulations
    • Bi-lateral or multi-lateral Agreements

  • Geneva Call follows-up each commitment made in a continuous manner. 
  • Through regular reports shared with the AGDA leadership, Geneva Call encourages the AGDA to take appropriate remedial measures to address violations.
  • Geneva Call interacts and conducts activities with other stakeholders, including governments, UN agencies, international NGOs and local organizations, in order to mobilize support for the engagement process.


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