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Working in a place like nowhere else on earth: join CERN as a student, a graduate or a professional!

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by Impactpool

Published on: 21 June 2019

As the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, CERN’s mission is best known as being research, collaboration, and technology. A fourth, crucial strand of this mission is education: every year CERN welcomes hundreds of talented, motivated students and graduates through its dedicated training programmes to join the Organization and take part, hands-on, in the amazing work, developments and projects at the cutting edge of technology. All this in a very wide variety of domains, in engineering and technical roles but also in administration and other support roles. 

Right now, CERN has launched its flagship Technical Students, and Administrative Student Programme and Doctoral Student programme (closing mid-September). Graduates may be interested in investigating the Fellowship Programmes, where graduates with up to 10 years’ experience post-MSc can join CERN or a unique experience in their career. The Technician Training Experience is targeted at graduates with technical diplomas and offers an amazing springboard for one’s career. Finally, for those who have taken a career break and are looking for a way back into science, the CERN Career Break Fellowship will be one to look into.

Of course, CERN constantly hires professionals in the various fields and domains, from electricity and electronics, to computing and administration, physics, materials science, mechanics and many more.


CERN’s opportunities are mainly open to nationals of its Member and Associate Member States, however, some student and graduate opportunities also arise for Non-Member State nationals.

Find out more about all these opportunities and details of what to expect from joining this unique Organization on Don’t hesitate, take part and apply now!

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