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UNHCR Job Opportunities: Apply by February 2nd 2021!

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by Impactpool

Published on: 23 January 2021

UNHCR, the global UN organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people are now recruiting for a number of positions around the world.  These are all positions where you really will contribute to building better futures for people forced to flee. The positions range from P2 (Junior Level) to P5 (Senior Level) of which several are located in capital cities. 

We encourage you to watch the UNHCR webinar recording to learn directly from the UNHCR HR team, before submitting your application. UNHCR makes it clear that they are still recruiting and share the process of how they are recruiting during the Covid-19 pandemic

Image Source: UNHCR Flickr - Diego Ibama Sanchez

UNHCR has specifically asked us to promote the following internationally recruited jobs:  

Associate Programme Officer

Quito (Ecuador) | P-2 - Junior level

Associate Legal Officer

Tegucigalpa (Honduras) | P-2 - Junior level

Associate Learning Development Officer

Copenhagen (Denmark) | P-2 - Junior level

Associate Due Diligence Officer

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) | P-2 - Junior level

Associate Protection Officer

Agadez (Niger) | P-2 - Junior level


Lusaka (Zambia) | P-3 - Mid level

Risk Management and Compliance Officer - Enterprise Risk Management

Kigali (Rwanda) | P-3 - Mid level

Education Officer

Kinshasa (Congo Democratic) | P-3 - Mid level

External Relations Officer - Gulf region

Doha (Qatar) | P-3 - Mid level

IT Systems Service Delivery Management Officer

Kinshasa (Congo Democratic) | P-3- Mid level

Admin Officer

Bertoua (Cameroon) | P-3 - Mid level

Finance Officer

Kaya (Burkina Faso) | P-3 - Mid level

Head of Field Office

Paoua (Central African Republic) | P-3 - Mid level

Protection Officer

Bouar (Central African Republic) | P-3 - Mid level

Protection Officer

Tegucigalpa (Honduras) | P-3 - Mid level

Head of Field Office

Ibb (Yemen) | P-3 - Mid level

Protection Officer

Dundo (Angola) | P-3 - Mid level

Shelter Officer

Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) | P-3 - Mid level

Statistics & Data Analysis Officer

Dakar (Senegal) | P-3 - Mid level

Senior Evaluation Officer (Quality Assurance)

Geneva (Switzerland) | P-4 - Mid level

Senior Protection Officer

Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) | P-4 - Mid level

Senior Protection Officer

Bertoua (Cameroon) | P-4 - Mid level

Head Partnership & Outreach Unit - Talent Management

Budapest (Hungary) | P-4 - Mid-level

Senior Field Security Officer

Geneva (Switzerland) | P-4 - Mid-level

Senior Development Officer

Bogotá (Colombia) | P-4 - Mid level

Senior SGBV Officer

Panama (United States of America) | P-4 - Mid-level

Head of Field Office

Quito (Equador) | P-4 - Mid level

Senior Operations Officer

Panama City (Panama) | P-4 - Mid-level

Senior Inter-Agency Coordination Officer

Niamey (Niger) | P-4 - Mid level

Senior Development Officer

Islamabad (Pakistan) | P-4 - Mid-level

Head of Events Unit - Global Communication

Geneva (Switzerland) | P-4 - Mid-level

Chief of HQ Procurement Section

Budapest (Hungary) | P-5 - Senior level

Senior External Relations Adviser - US Government

Washington D.C. (United States of America) | P-5 - Senior level

Deputy Representative

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) | P-5 - Senior level
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Learn more about UNHCR careers and tips for your applications in this Impactpool hosted webinar with UNHCR on "Humanitarian Careers with UNHCR: Why choose us?", including Q&A and FAQ.

UNHCR makes it clear that they are still recruiting and share the process of how they are recruiting during the Covid-19 pandemic! 

Humanitarian Careers with UNHCR Webinar




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