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Job vacancies at NEF - Near East Foundation

Originally known as ‘The American Committee for Syrian and Armenian Relief’ and later ‘Near East Relief’, Near East Foundation (NEF) was founded in 1915 in response to a massive humanitarian crisis where millions of Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks and members of other minority groups were displaced, with over a million and a half dying as a result of deportation, forced marches, starvation and execution at the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

The U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, Henry Morgenthau, sounded the alarm to the worsening humanitarian crisis. With the help of notable friends and colleagues, including President Woodrow Wilson, they launched a small-scale relief operation and began to solicit donations from the American public. These fundraising appeals - spearheaded by NEF’s first president, Cleveland H. Dodge - proved immensely successful and resulted in the largest non-governmental humanitarian response undertaken up until that time. In addition to emergency relief, orphanages, clinics and schools were established to support and save a generation of children orphaned by the crisis. 

In 1930, there was a shift to focus on longer-term social and economic development and the Near East Foundation, as it is known today, was born. NEF has since worked through conflict and crises, partnering with communities across 50 countries to sustainably improve many millions of lives. Our collaborative approach to empowering local communities and building their capacity to become the agents of their own development has shaped the American philanthropic and humanitarian tradition, inspiring models like the Peace Corps, Truman's Point Four program and USAID.

Today, NEF continues to help improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable people in the region through grassroots, community-driven action.