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Job vacancies at INTERSOS - Humanitarian Organization


INTERSOS is a humanitarian organization on the front-line of emergencies, bringing assistance to victims of armed conflicts, natural disasters and extreme exclusion with particular attention to the protection of the most vulnerable people.

Since 1992 our humanitarian workers have been helping people affected by humanitarian crises: we provide first aid, food, shelter, medical assistance and basic goods. We ensure that basic needs, as education, access to clean water and health assistance, are met.


Our humanitarian workers are professionals with years of working experience on the front line in emergency contexts. They are prepared to face difficult crisis situations, capable of managing complex projects and human resources. They have a deep knowledge of the countries they work in, combined with the necessary skills to best respond to the primary needs of those affected, according to international procedures and protocols. They certainly chose to be on the side of humanity.


The centrality of human being is the key principle underpinning all INTERSOS’ values and interventions. It underlines the importance of the principles of equality, justice, peace, solidarity and the duty of every human being to help all those in need or distress, without influence of any kind.

BORDERLESS: INTERSOS works in full coherence with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights: it does not make any difference or discrimination whatsoever based on race, gender, religious belief, nationality, ethnic origin or class of people who are in need of help.

IMPARTIAL: In the eyes of INTERSOS, the victim must be the primary concern in every circumstance, irrespective of any political, religious or social differences or beliefs. Its humanitarian activities are implemented in an impartial manner in respect of whatever population or person at risk, or in circumstances of serious need. This does not prevent INTERSOS from identifying those people or institutions responsible for specific disaster situations, either natural or man-made catastrophes, and from taking a public stance on the matter.

INDEPENDENT: INTERSOS is not controlled by any political or ideological, national or international authority. This freedom of thought and opinion allows INTERSOS to report all human rights’ violations and every form of injustice and breach, whilst not being unduly influenced. The same principle of independence determines the standards by which financial donors, both private and public, are chosen. 

SENSITIVE TO LOCAL CULTURES: INTERSOS develops its actions by establishing methods and behavior that fully respect local cultural and religious traditions.

ATTENTIVE TO LOCAL CAPACITY: INTERSOS always places the value and dignity of human beings at the centre of its activities. This is why it immediately involves the local population when implementing actions, developing and strengthening the capabilities and expertise of individuals and of the community, thereby gradually eliminating dependence on external help. Its relationship with local populations is based on openness, dialogue, exchange and participation.

PROFFESIONAL IN SOLIDARITY: INTERSOS considers solidarity and professionalism to be two indispensable and indivisible components in its humanitarian work; they are essential elements to respond to the needs of a population with humanity, effectiveness and quality.

TRANSPARENT: INTERSOS operates thanks to the funds from public and private donors. The budget for every single project is verified by public financial experts and certified by financial auditors. The annual budget is certified and made available to the public.