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Job vacancies at CORAF - West and Central Africa Council for Agricultural Research and Development

The primary objective of CORAF is to improve livelihoods in West and Central Africa through sustainable increases in agricultural production and productivity, promoting competitiveness and markets.

This objective is achieved by addressing the critical issues of food and nutrition insecurity, chronic poverty, and youth unemployment within the framework of the following Core functions.

  • Coordination and Capacity Strengthening;
  • Scaling Technologies and Innovations;
  • Creating an enabling environment at regional level for technology flows and increased trade;
  • Knowledge Management and Learning.

To achieve this, CORAF seeks to deliver on the following four Results :

  • Increased use of appropriate technologies and innovations in West and Central Africa;
  • Informed decision-making for improved markets and scaling of technologies;
  • Enhanced institutional and human capacity in agricultural research for development;
  • Demand for agricultural knowledge from target clients facilitated and met.