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Job vacancies at Faith to Action Network

Faith to Action Network supports faith actors empower people to live healthy, peaceful, quality lives. As a global interfaith network of more than 100 Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, Hindu and Muslim faith organisations, we focus on issues that faith actors are grappling with, including sexual and reproductive health and family planning; gender equality and women’s rights; pluralism and understanding.

We combine innovative, evidence- and faith-backed community-based programming with national, regional and international dialogue and advocacy to influence change at all levels. We meet international standards of quality and accountability and ensure the relevance of our interventions to the everyday lives of faith communities. We promote:

  • Research and demonstration projects that generate evidence. Needs-based capacity strengthening to support faith organizations’ institutional change and action.
  • Communication guided by respect and sensitivity that offers alternative terminology, adapted to different cultural and religious contexts, to increase faith organisations’ acceptance of informed content and help faith champions reach millions.
  • A strong faith-based voice in policy consultations. We create opportunities to engage in policy discussions at international, regional level, national and sub-national level.
  • Partnership building to create bridges. We broker partnerships and alliances between unlikely parties – interfaith, intra-faith, donors, governments, secular civil society organizations and private sector.
  • Interfaith experience sharing, learning and exchanges among faith organizations to increase exposure to different interpretations, methodologies & approaches. We recognise that faith organisations need a joint space to discuss common values and areas of consensus.
  • As a fund manager, we provide faith organizations with access to small grants to finance interfaith interventions.