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Job vacancies at Helvetas

Helvetas is committed to a just world in which all people determine the course of their lives in dignity and security, sustainably using environmental resources. Helvetas is an independent organization for development based in Switzerland with affiliated organizations in Germany and the United States. Helvetas supports poor and disadvantaged people and communities in almost 40 developing and transitional countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Together with our partners, Helvetas tackles global challenges at various levels: with projects on the ground, with expert advice, and by advocating for conducive framework conditions benefiting the poor. This triple commitment empowers people and transforms lives. Helvetas follows a multi-stakeholder approach by linking civil society actors, governments, and the private sector.

Helvetas is active in the following areas: water, food and climate, education, jobs and private sector development, governance, gender and social equity. Helvetas engages in emergency relief, reconstruction, and rehabilitation. In addition to rural areas, Helvetas is increasingly involved in urban development and is focusing its work on young people.

In Switzerland, Helvetas promotes solidarity and participates in the dialogue on development policy. 

Our vision

Our vision is of a just world in which all people determine the course of their lives in dignity and security, sustainably using environmental resources.

Our mission

  • We support poor and disadvantaged people and communities in developing and transitional countries in their efforts to improve their living conditions.
  • Through development cooperation, we support people in sustainably improving their livelihoods.
  • We promote equitable access to the resources and services necessary for life, and thus contribute to overcoming the root causes of poverty.
  • We uphold the protection and promotion of social, economic, political, environmental and cultural rights and responsibilities, and seek to ensure their practical implementation.
  • We support our partners in engaging in development policy issues.
  • We advocate for a coherent Swiss foreign and economic policy, responsive to the needs of people in developing and transition countries.
  • We accompany and support our partners on a long-term basis.

Our fundamental values

  • Our engagement is based on solidarity and partnership.
  • We work towards achieving human rights and upholding the principle of self-determined development.
  • We are committed to social equity and strive for equal opportunities for all people, regardless of age, origin, language, religion, culture or political convictions.
  • Our collaboration with our partners is based on mutual respect for cultural values and principles.
  • We stand for development that balances economic viability, environmental appropriateness and social benefits.