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Job vacancies at MDV - MENA Development Valley

Our mission: Empowering Communities Through Innovative Solutions

As an independent resource center, we collaborate closely with local groups, activists, researchers, humanitarians, and national stakeholders. Utilizing our local capacity, we employ innovative research methods to collect data in fragile areas where reliable information is scarce. Our mission is to deliver development-focused and community-driven innovative program support in the field and conflict-affected countries, offering technology-driven solutions, empowerment initiatives, in-field and empirical research, MEAL services, and impact evaluations. We are committed to designing customized guidance and inspiring training materials for key stakeholders in the humanitarian world

Our vision: Leading Transformation in the Middle East

We aspire to be a trailblazing development, humanitarian, and innovative service provider and consultancy company in the Middle East region. Our vision is to lead transformative change by providing cutting-edge solutions that empower communities, foster technological advancements, and redefine the landscape of development and humanitarian practices. Through our work, we envision a future where sustainable and community-centric development becomes the norm, creating a positive impact in conflict-affected regions and beyond.