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Job vacancies at Run On Climate

Fighting the Climate Crisis Starts Locally

About us

Run On Climate is devoted to building the climate movement by empowering climate champions to build successful campaigns for local office and enact policies that move their communities off of fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

Many climate organizations focus on state and federal level policy and that work is critical. However, work at the local level is also critical, and it can and must happen in tandem with those higher level policy struggles.

We believe that those who are passionate about the climate crisis can have an enormous impact by focusing on their own community. We are here to support them in that effort. 

Our Programs:

Policy & Advocacy

Run On Climate provides direct policy support to local climate champions and maintains a network for elected officials to share ideas, collaborate, and support one another in advancing cutting edge climate policy.

Candidate Support

Our team has extensive experience electing first time candidates running on a platform of bold climate action. We’re currently considering nominations for our 2024 electoral program. If you or someone you know is running for office on a platform of bold climate action, apply for our support now.


Run on Climate offers free, non-partisan trainings for those looking to advance climate action in their community by running a successful grassroots campaign for local office and/or advocating for passage of local climate policy.