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Job vacancies at Deve Consult

Our positioning

As a young innovative company, Deve Consult is both a provider of advice, support and training, but also an innovation laboratory in the field of international solidarity logistics.

Deve Consult is part of a global social project by collaborating with the Beyooma Association in Benin to support the socio-professional integration of young people in difficulty and/or victims of abuse in the field of agroecology with a chain of more environmentally friendly supply.
The interdependence between Deve Consult and the Beyooma Association is manifested at all levels, particularly in terms of financing, human resources, research and development, and training.

Our vision

Deve Consult aspires to more efficient humanitarian action with more lasting impacts for the benefit of vulnerable populations.

At Deve Consult, we are convinced that logistics is a determining element of the efficiency of humanitarian aid and one of the keys to mitigating the ecological impact of interventions.

Our mission

Contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of humanitarian action by providing adapted and innovative logistics solutions taking into account the challenges of social inclusion and issues linked to climate change.

Our values

  1. Commitment :
    1. Quality & Integrity: commitment to providing quality responses, adapted to your needs, ensuring the sustainability of the solutions proposed within an exemplary ethical framework.
    2. Social action: concentration on social added value with an integrated approach in conjunction with the Beyooma Association.
    3. Eco-responsibility: commitment to minimizing the ecological impact in the solutions proposed.
  2. Expertise: the ability to mobilize local and international experts from both the private sector and international solidarity
  3. Creativity: positioning in a principle of continuous improvement and ensures the ability to provide innovative solutions.