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Job vacancies at Agroges

Founded in 1989, at a turning point for Portuguese agriculture due to the country’s full integration in the EU, AGRO.GES distinguished itself early on within the market for services in the support of the rural development, agroforestry and food sectors.

AGRO.GES, whose technical staff is characterized by its sound training and diversified track record, has always been able to ensure an effective balance between the recognized expertise of some team members with the youth and dynamism of others.

For the 20 years it has been in business, AGRO.GES has conducted a vast array of projects for various public and private entities, both national and international, making itself a stalwart for quality in its business sector. With an initial focus on Portugal, it quickly expanded its reach and is currently conducting projects in various European, African and South American countries. AGRO.GES’ portfolio has grown sustainably as a result of its proactive stance, whereby the company has anticipated the enormous evolution in the roles performed in the sectors where it operates.

AGRO.GES has always shown strong civic engagement in the area of agricultural and rural development. Its technical staff has participated in countless congresses, seminars and workshops, in addition to contributing to magazines, journals and debates on agricultural policy in general and various technical issues in particular. AGRO.GES presently sponsors two social responsibility projects through the Novo Futuro Association and