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Job vacancies at CE - Charity Entrepreneurship

Our mission is to enable more effective charities to exist in the world. We strive to achieve this goal through our extensive research process and Incubation Program.

We believe that starting a high-impact charity can prevent immense amounts of suffering by:​

  1. Redirecting millions of dollars towards a more impactful direction
  2. Providing governments with data to run national- or state-level programs
  3. Attracting donors from a broader spectrum of areas and interests
  4. Shaping entire cause areas by raising the bar for effective charities
  5. Creating opportunities for talented individuals to get involved in the field
  6. Providing valuable learning opportunities that can enhance the whole movement

Nonprofit entrepreneurship is also a highly neglected career opportunity that, fueled by a more analytical, effective-altruist mindset, can lead to cost-effective, evidence-based outcomes that are approximately equivalent to donating ~$200,000 to effective charities per year. It provides a chance to build a portfolio of useful skills and great career capital, and to have high job satisfaction while retaining substantial individual impact.