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Job vacancies at Berghof Foundation


Welcome to the career site of the Berghof Foundation at Impactpool!


Berghof Foundation is supporting conflict stakeholders and actors in their efforts to achieve sustainable peace through peacebuilding and conflict transformation.


Who we are

The Berghof Foundation is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation that supports efforts to prevent political and social violence, and to achieve sustainable peace through conflict transformation. Established by Professor Georg Zundel in 1971, members of the Zundel family in their roles as shareholders and trustees remain dedicated to the organisation’s long-term development. Based in Germany, the NGO is run by a diverse team working closely with partners in selected regions. An international Board of Trustees supports its work.


Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which people maintain peaceful relations and overcome violence as a means of political and social change. While we consider conflict to be an integral and often necessary part of political and social life, we believe that violence in conflict is not inevitable. We are convinced that protracted violent conflicts can be transformed into sustained collaboration, when spaces for conflict transformation allow drivers of change to prosper and constructively engage with one another.


Our Mission

“Creating space for conflict transformation.” We work with like-minded partners in selected regions to enable conflict stakeholders and actors to develop non-violent responses in the face of conflict-related challenges. In doing so, we rely on the knowledge, skills and resources available in the areas of conflict research, peace support and peace education. By combining our regional experience with a thematic focus on cutting-edge issues, we aim to be a learning organisation capable of supporting sustained efforts for conflict transformation.


Our Values

Our engagement is based on the values of inclusivity, ownership and reflection, which guide our decisions:



Careers at the Berghof Foundation

The Berghof Foundation is run by a diverse team working closely with partners in selected regions. We are based in Berlin, Germany. We also maintain a branch office in Tübingen, as well as project offices in a number of countries. An international Board of Trustees supports its work