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Job vacancies at ClimateView

ClimateView built ClimateOS, the first SaaS platform that provides cities with a systemic solution to the systemic challenge that is city climate action. 

In 2018, ClimateView was founded on a new theory of change. We believe that when cities can see, understand and communicate the complete picture, they can make the case for climate action. And if cities win, we all win. Since then, we have worked to make agile planning, advanced modeling, and beautiful visualizations accessible to all cities.

“Cities are home to 70% of global emissions. We’re giving cities a platform that gives a more complete picture of climate action.” - Tomer Shalit, Founder

Cities have proven that this theory of change works. Across the world, cities using ClimateOS are advancing their climate action –  shifting from high-carbon activities to low-carbon alternatives to improve services for their citizens and build great places to live, work and thrive. This evidence-based approach not only enables cities to act on climate but also to streamline stakeholder coordination, easily monitor the transition and increase transparency.

As we continue to take ClimateOS to more cities, countries, and continents, our goal will remain the same: provide cities with world-leading tools to make better climate mitigation decisions, faster. Together.

This is how we'll get the world's cities to net zero.