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Job vacancies at IOC - Indian Ocean Commission (Commission de l'océan indien)

About the Indian Ocean Commission 

The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) is an intergovernmental organization that brings together five Member States: the Union of the Comoros, France on behalf of Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles. 
Created by the Port Louis Declaration in 1982, the IOC was institutionalized in Seychelles in 1984 by the General Agreement on Cooperation, better known as the “Victoria Agreement”.

The only regional organization in Africa composed exclusively of islands, it defends the specificities of its Member States on the continental and international scenes. With the active support of a dozen international partners, the IOC gives substance to regional solidarity through cooperation projects covering a wide range of sectors: preservation of ecosystems, sustainable management of natural resources, maritime safety, entrepreneurship, public health, renewable energy and culture.


The Indian Ocean Commission's mission is to strengthen ties between the islands of Indian Oceania and support its member states in the journey towards sustainable development. The Indian Ocean Commission thus intervenes in areas where regional action has high added value.

The Indian Ocean Commission serves its Member States and therefore intervenes at their request.

As an intergovernmental cooperation organization, the Indian Ocean Commission acts in favor of peace and stability, maritime security, food security, environmental preservation, fisheries, adaptation to climate change, the interests of developing island states, public health and even cultural expression.

Its action is thus in line with the international frameworks to which its member states are signatories, such as the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development by 2030 or the Global Climate Agreement, among others. To do this, the Indian Ocean Commission benefits from the support of around ten international and regional partners.