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Job vacancies at Impactpool

We staff up for positive impact

Impactpool is the world’s (🌎) fastest-growing Impact career platform. Our mission is to gather global top talents and match them to opportunities where they can battle our generation's most pressing issues.

Our global challenges are neither solved easily nor at a slow pace (🐌). Therefore, all colleagues at Impactpool are assessed as allergic to the status quo (🤢​​). Our work culture is based on trust and shared commitment to driving positive change.

We are selective with what companies we work with. The traditional way how business has been done has not been sustainable.

Therefore any of the thousands of companies and/or organizations we work with have already changed their business model or are founded to contribute to a positive impact. We don't make short-term revenue through green-washing; we simply say no if a client doesn't aim to do good.

So what does Impactpool do (🤔)?

Impactpool is a marketplace for Impact careers, an Impact career platform.

In short, this means that we, on one hand, gather a diverse global pool of top talent with a broad spectrum of expertise areas. On the other hand, we collect jobs and assignments from the most impactful companies and organizations on earth.

Between these two hands, you find Impactpool's matching algorithm. We have tailored and designed the algorithm and are constantly innovating new technologies to match our talents with impactful jobs effectively.

Who do we look for (👀)?

Impactpool is a remote-first impact startup. We search for the brightest talent who not just comes up with an idea but makes that idea a reality. We have a say: Innovation is the simplest of things… the challenge is the execution. 

We search for you who, based on deep knowledge, takes leadership, executes, and brings Impactpool's services to a whole new level.

We are proud of our diverse workforce. Although we are headquartered in Stockholm, we have colleagues in different cities worldwide. To us, the most important thing is not where you place your office chair (🪑) but that you have an inside fire (🔥) of curiosity and motivation to work intelligent, dedicated, and hard toward a better world.

Our diverse team helps us to bring different perspectives on challenges, hence being humble (😌) and open to different ways of thinking is essential. You must be a good listener (👂) both as a colleague and to understand our client's challenges. 

If you are ready to staff up the most impactful companies or organizations on earth, check out our job openings.