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Job vacancies at The Insect Institute

About the Insect Institute

Why do we exist?

We address challenges and uncertainties related to the production and use of insects for food and feed. We aim to assist this novel industry, policymakers, and other interested parties by providing evidence-based information surrounding the rearing of insects and the creation of a food system that promotes public health, animal welfare, and sustainable protein production.

Among other outcomes, we expect our work will contribute to building evidence-based legislation on insect rearing and farming and guiding the industry toward best insect farming practices. We’re building an evidence-based approach for a protein production system that serves the common good.

Our work

We carry out activities such as:

  • Identifying crucial questions raised by the use of insect-based protein, whether faced by farmers, policymakers, consumers, or other relevant stakeholders

  • Collecting evidence and producing recommendations about the best ways to address such challenges

  • Supporting policymakers, farmers, and others in their efforts to put such recommendations into practice