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Job vacancies at IWA - Intiwawa en Acción

Our vision

To train autonomous people with responsibility, integrity, and determination; for the sustainable transformation and growth of the  communities of the Arequipa region.

Our mission

To contribute to the integral development of our community through educational projects, as well as socioemotional and professional training, rooted in our autonomy based approach.


Our personal and institutional commitment implies a determination to achieve real change, continuously aiming for personal and community improvement.

Continuous Learning

Within the process of change and transformation, it is important for us to search for constant development and growth through contextualization, ideas, experiences, failures and achievements. In this way, we will persistently strive for improvement and progress in a systematic way.


To achieve our objectives, we require comprehensive and permanent collective action, recognising our capacities and potential both in our community of impact and in our team.