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Job vacancies at Searious Business

Searious Business provides mind-shifting solutions for major brands to create circular use of plastic.

Through a combination of sustainability targets with a competitive advantage. We steer cross-value chain coalitions towards resource efficiency and financial return, particularly in the areas of reusable packaging, closed-loop recycling and moving away from virgin plastic.

By applying our knowhow and partner network in the whole plastics value chain to think of innovative solutions with dedicated experts. With this holistic approach, our solutions reach further than the scattered approach of solo companies.

We offer novel innovation projects to global companies in high volume markets where plastics are involved. We ReThink, we ReDesign, we ReBrand. Our unique combination of drive, vision and a total value chain approach help our clients be ‘leaders of change’ in their sectors: in packaging, furniture and consumer electronics. This way, our clients can show the world how to move away from virgin plastics.

Helping our clients to rebuild their business model towards a sustainable one with increasing margins gives us renewed motivation every single day. And even more important: with it, we create a lasting change. Together we preserve the planet for the generations to come.