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Q&A - What is the WFP Women Leadership Roster (WLR)?

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by Impactpool

Gender parity is a priority for the World Food Programme (WFP). Delivering on their mandate of Zero Hunger requires a diverse, inclusive, and gender-balanced workforce. Women Leadership Roster is an initiative by WFP to ensure gender parity at the Senior level by creating a dedicated talent pool of qualified female candidates that would be interested in P5, D1, and D2 level positions.

In this article, WFP's talent acquisition team responds to common questions related to the WFP roster. You will find answers to questions about the roster, the timing of the launch, the target audience, and if you will be supported and automatically placed on job assignments when accepted to the roster.

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1. Why launch WLR now?

As WFP’s organization and operations grow, they want to ensure they have a pipeline of well qualified, professional female leaders to bring in a new perspective and expertise. WFP anticipates having more higher-level roles opening up in the near future. 

2. What happens if placed on the roster, will I get training/preparation support?

On the courtesy of Impactpool, everyone accepted into the pool will be granted access to Impactpool's library of training material, career content, application writing, and senior assessment guides and our interview questions database for 12 months.

3. How will I know that I am chosen for the roster?

WFP will contact you directly to notify you and will send you direct notifications about relevant new job openings.

4. Does being a member of the WLR guarantee a job for me at WFP?

Kindly note that it does not guarantee that you will automatically be recruited. If chosen for the roster WPF will be reaching out to you directly to discuss when roles open that match your specific skill-set.  You will need to apply to relevant positions and participate in a competitive process to be selected. 

5. In what duty stations is it most likely that I end up?

WFP has operations in 83 Countries and the Headquarters is based in Rome, Italy. As a rotational organization, we expect individuals that join to be open to any duty stations.  Depending on the duty station classification, you will rotate every 2 to 4 years.

6. What would the benefits package be?

For more information please read here.

7. Any COVID-19 implications?

WFP is adapting its planning to ensure our beneficiaries will continue receiving the assistance they need.

8. What is the role of Impactpool in the WFP Women Leadership Roster?

Impactpool and WFP have worked together for many years. In the establishment of the WLR, Impactpool will be handling and managing the Roster. You as an applicant will apply via Impactpool's recruitment system. Impactpool will then review your application and share a longlist of women leaders with the WFP’s talent acquisition team for assessment and final decision.  

9. How do I learn more about WFP?

WFP’s website

Follow WFP on LinkedIn and Twitter 

WFP as 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Winner 

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