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A truly global talent pool

Our platform attracts talents from every country of the world. Our talent pool covers the world’s broadest range of expertise of talents who want to work for organizations making a positive impact. Close to 50% of our talents are women.

Our registered talents represent 188 nationalities and all levels of experience.

The strongest social media presence

We have a unique expertise in social sourcing. Social sourcing is a cost effective way to increase the quality of the applicants to your positions. Our method has proven results both for sourcing very specialized experts and scientists to leaders at the most senior level of this whole sector.

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Tailored content to promote your organisation

Do you also face challenges with too many unqualified applicants on your application list? Our targeted outreach builds awareness about your organization, and our career resources educate applicants to apply for the right positions.

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You may either post jobs individually (we offer various promotion levels depending on your needs),
or become a partner, which means we will automatically take care of all your job promotions.

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We will promote it to 500 000+ top talents globally.

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We will work in partnership to promote your organisation and attract the right candidates.

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Gain Awareness, Reach and Match.

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Increase global awareness

Increase and spread global awareness about your organization.

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Knowledge and excitement

Develop well founded knowledge and excitement about a career with your organization.

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Candidates that match

Ensure candidates match against both the formal requirements and the organizational traits.