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What organization has the most accessible and disability-friendly career site?

How easy is it to apply to Impact organisations?

Exploring today’s and tomorrow's HR for the Impact sector: A Webinar Series on Sector-Specific Tech Developments

How AI and modern tech will change Human Resources in the Impact Sector?

Does AI write better Job Descriptions than humans?

Human vs. Robot - Who writes the best job description?

Empowering Change: Highlights from the Career Development Roundtable 2023

Skills, Skills, Skills - a report from the 19th CDR in DC

How Impactpool define an Impact company or Impact organization?

What is required to be allowed using the Verified Impact Organization banner?

Reach geographic diversity in collaboration with underrepresented member states

What to include in an effective Action Plan? Outsource the sourcing activities.

Why Multilateral, NGOs and Impact startups pay a higher cost per recruited staff?

Is an HCM your silver bullet to a more effective recruitment process?

20 impact companies that paved the way for todays impact startups

Positive impact through innovative business models that inspires

Impactpool's green travel policy

We take the train

One million talent have viewed DRCs jobs at Impactpool

1 million talents from 206 different countries have viewed DRC's jobs

How OCHA used strategic career coaching to achieve diversity goals

52,5% of all talents viewing OCHAs jobs are women.

What to include in an Outplacement Service for International Staff

Learn what support other organizations offer their staff affected by downsizing

How SOS Children Villages quickly deployed an Emergency Response Team (ERT) for Ukraine

Executive Sourcing - the power of using a vendor with sector expertise

How Impactpool's clients use CV parsing to improve the candidate experience?

Bureaucratic application processes fosters bureaucrats, not innovators

IOM use Impactpool Recruit to recruit and attract Ukrainian nationals

Impactpool Recruit helps IOM to make the recruitment to their Ukraine operations more effective

ICRC built a sourcing pool to support all recruiters and all offices in the organization

How to effectively support country offices with talent sourcing without paying a fortune

Why International organizations implement their recruitment system at HQ only?

Why must so many country offices still use e-mail to manage their recruitments?

Why rosters and pools at the UN tend to fail

Of all rosters started, only a vanishing few are active. Why is that?

5 steps to build successful talent rosters in international organizations

5 steps that lays the foundation for a successful roster implementation

6 Risks using Competency Based Interviewing in a multicultural setting

Tips when using Competency Based Interviews in a multilingual and multicultural context.

What is a UN roster?

A crash course to rosters, pools and pipelines

Diversity in the Impact sector: How to Use social sourcing effectively?

Increase diversity and candidate quality. Select the right social platform for your next Social outreach campaign?

How leaders can advance gender equality and enhance gender sensitivity

Five ways leaders can support gender parity and equality

How we break norms in the Executive Search industry

No Woman on the shortlist, No Fee

The UN Country Team in Mozambique launches the first-ever shared talent roster

UNCT Mozambique is the first-ever UN office sharing a roster between all local agencies

4 key skills to manage conflict in challenging work environments

I seek Project Partners

Our AI Robot evens out the male dominance in recruitment to the UN and to International Organisations

Go Green with us

Impactpool launches green office management policy to minimize negative environmental impact

How it is to be a woman working in the “Deep Field” for UN Peackeeping

How Narrowing Gender Gap in Leadership Strengthens UN Peace Operations

Are women paying a higher price for a UN career?

Do you know where qualified women look for jobs?

Why UNV is the key to gender parity at the UN

#WIT4Impact - We reach gender parity before Elon Musk land on Mars!

Social Impact Careers toolkit for Students of Top Universities

How to use today's geographic quota to achieve gender parity

Impactpool launch HR initiative to support gender parity globally

How Talent pools can contribute to achieve Gender parity at the UN

How to improve the efficiency of your sourcing and outreach activities

11 HR metrics to monitor improved efficiency and increased diversity

What Google defines as strong leadership

Can International Organizations learn from Google’s recruitment process

How to optimize employee engagement in International organizations

Free Handbook for Recruiters in International Organizations

Are people central in your employer branding strategy

How to reach gender equality

To-do-list to reach gender parity

Can Virtual Reality improve recruitment and training?

How to source and recruit women to Hardship locations

Invest 15 min per day on social sourcing to increase the quality of your applicants

How to use Social Sourcing to increase quality and speed up recruitment

4 common mistakes when organizations advertise a job

Are you actively sourcing talents

or are you just sitting back and waiting for talents to find you?

New model tailored for startups

Increased value of the Free posting on Impactpool

We celebrate UNV - UNV has reached gender parity, 3 things to learn from their success

Our Robot finds leaders

Impactpool's AI Robot supports OPCW, UNU and UN Women to find global executives

Attract Japanese women leaders

Smart sourcing tips from Impactpool's sourcing experts

How we recruit during COVID-19

45 international organisations share

Minutes from the round-table on how to attract and retain talent with disabilities