Are women paying a higher price for a UN career?

In late 2016 Impactpool sent out a survey to former and current United Nations staff members. All candidates had started their UN career at a junior staff position (P1 or P2) during the past 25 years. With this survey, we wanted to find out what successful UN staff members have in common, and we discovered that there is a lot.

The survey was sent out to 1672 respondents and had a high response rate 10.2% (172 responses received). As a result, it generated a large data set with high statistical significance. With a confidence level of 95%, the calculated margin of error is 7.08%. The survey consisted of 58.3% female and 41.7% male respondents. The respondent’s originated from 21 different member states of the United Nations.

The survey confirmed many pre-existing ideas, but it also offered some insights into how much women must give up for success. The survey shows that women and men are equally well prepared when entering the UN, but there are drastic differences in career progression. Men reach the top while women has no or slow career progression. In fact, we found that women who left the UN progressed further up in the hierarchy than those who stayed. 

In addition to above, in the report we share common skills among successful talents, what does succesful talents have in common? What makes women leave the UN? Why does talents leave the UN?  What are some key skills you should look for already when reviewing applications that has shown to increase retention of women and of course the question in the header - Are women paying a higher price for a UN career?

Impactpool has profound experience in working with sourcing targeting women and we have published several articles how you can improve the gender parity in your organization. We have the receipe to reach gender parity at the UN and at International Organizations.

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