Impactpool launches a green travel policy - flying is no longer sustainable

We take the train

Impactpool grows faster than any Impact career platform on earth. Positive impact is in our DNA. We aim to contribute to positive Impact in every decision we take. On a daily basis, we connect with an enormous amount of talents and organisations around the world. Flying is not sustainable. In this article we share our new green travel policy, join our example! 

Green Travel Policy

When connecting with talents and clients Impactpool's primary choice is always - non-travel. We are therefore always offering different options for remote-communications. In the event Impactpool is invited to present at an event, we must always first explore the opportunity to give the presentation via video-link. In case travel is needed, from 1 January 2019, we have decided to change to environmentally friendly travel. Travel options with the least negative environmental impact and with the lowest possible emission of CO2 and greenhouse gases (GHG) must always be chosen.

1. Traveling from and to the office

Impactpool’s staff members and affiliated contractors (hereinafter referred as to employee) are encouraged to use the most environmentally friendly option when commuting to and from an Impactpool office.

We recommend the use of a bicycle, subway, train or other commuting options with as low CO2/GHG emissions as possible.

2. Travel on an official Impactpool duty-travel

Travel must always be made in a planned and structured way, make sure to schedule several meetings in each location. It is encouraged to stay extra time, rather than travel twice. When visiting impact or client hubs, Impactpool encourages the employees to always take the opportunity to meet clients.

When traveling in the capacity of an Impactpool employee, the most environmentally friendly option must always be chosen.

While at the destination, it is recommended (when possible) to use the train and/or subway to travel between hotel and venue, if taxi is chosen use it is recommended to use a green-cab, that is for example a selectable option in the Uber-app.

When air travel is the selected option, Impactpool must CO2 compensate for the travel.

Within Europe

When traveling within Europe, our primary choice of travel is train and our second choice is the rental of electric cars.

When traveling within Europe by train on a trip longer than 5 hours, employees will have access to First Class train travel.

If train travel overnight is required, employees will have access to a private cabin on the train.

Work-life-balance: Work-life-balance is important for Impactpool, therefore airplane travel is allowed if reaching the final destination by train will require travel during weekends.

Time and flexibility: An airplane can be used if no other available option allow the delivery or participation in the event.

Outside Europe When traveling outside Europe, airplane may be the only reasonable option. If the price difference is reasonable, the route with the lowest CO2/GHG emission should be chosen.