IOM use Impactpool Recruit to recruit and attract Ukrainian nationals

Impactpool Recruit helps IOM to make the recruitment to their Ukraine operations more effective

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is recruiting intensively to scale up its Ukraine/Poland border operation. The effects of the war created an urgent need for IOM personnel on the ground. IOM Poland reached out to Impactpool with two main challenges:

  1. They faced challenges with a heavy administrative burden handling hundreds of parallel e-mail recruitment processes.

  2. They lack outreach and candidate-sourcing tools and hence faced challenges to reach relevant Ukrainian nationals.

To get personnel quickly on the ground, they had to start the recruitment immediately. The first batch of personnel was recruited without any software support at all. Applications were submitted via e-mail.

This of course created a large administrative burden for the Poland office with several layers of business risks and privacy risks.

  • thousands of e-mail applications were received and handled

  • thousands of application attachments had to be opened and downloaded

  • New secure folders had to be created for each job

  • Application excel lists for each job had to be manually built and updated

  • CVs had to be bundled and e-mailed for review and so on.

The use of e-mail recruitment is neither to recommend from a privacy (GDPR) perspective.

Early this year IOM made a strategic decision to go with Impactpool Recruit, a sector-leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that both saves time for applicants (with the use of modern parsing) and for the recruiters who can leave the mailbox behind and instead work and screen candidates in a modern recruiters dashboard with tailored reporting and screening features.

"Impactpool has drastically improved our recruitment processes. We are dealing with a significant number of vacancies, and we used to receive applications by email; the process was very slow and not efficient."

Veronica Pessaro, Human Resources officer at IOM

Today, almost all larger international organizations have an ATS in place for core recruitment. However, it is common that organizations don't have an ATS for country office recruitment, in many cases these offices are referred to e-mail/google forms for the application administration.

We have covered this topic previously. The problem is primarily linked to limitations of the HR modules of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) that international organizations use.

Read more about common ATS challenges for larger international and multilateral organizations. IOM is using SAP, the world's largest ERP.

Impactpool has a large pool of Ukrainian candidates

When using Impactpool Recruit you can choose between only using the ATS or combining the ATS with talent outreach. The outreach service can then of course be designed differently, but irrespective of the outreach package you choose we always include the jobs in our AI-matched job alert.

Impactpool's job alert is trained to understand minimum requirements, expertise area, nationality, and contract type. Hence for the Poland office, all jobs they published were matched to Impactpool's candidate pool. The job alert provided exposure to matching and relevant candidates.

"Adopting a recruitment tool such as Impactpool made our life much easier. First, the platform is well known by candidates looking for a job in international cooperation, allowing us to have a more targeted audience. This is reflected in the overall quality of the candidates, which has increased since the adoption of this tool."

Veronica Pessaro, Human Resources officer at IOM

This is an important service you should weigh in on when making a strategic decision on a recruitment tool. Will this ATS help me with the administration only or will it potentially also increase application quality?

From recruitment with e-mail, To effective scale

I have never met an organization proud when I am highlighting that their country offices work extra hours to manually handle administrative recruitment processes that an ATS solves automatically in seconds.

Although organizations see the weakness in e-mail recruitment, many organizations get stuck for years in the planning phase. Too many still live with a perception that ATS' are expensive and take months/years to implement.

If you go with an ERP, that is still the case although their cloud systems have shortened that timeframe significantly.

IOM Poland was up and running the same day using Impactpool Recruit, that is the difference when the ATS is already tailored for International organizations.

"Impactpool is user-friendly and offers several features that allow hiring managers to track the vacancy in real time and manage it very quickly."

Veronica Pessaro, Human Resources officer at IOM

Impactpool Recruit comes delivered with:

  • workflows that allow Local, International, and Cross-Local International recruitments.

  • integrated roster and pool management systems tailored to the sourcing needs of International organizations.

  • integrated talent sourcing features that use AI to match your job ads to Impactpool's huge talent pool. Matched candidates get an alert.

  • a CV parser that makes it easy for applicants to apply, they just upload their CV and Impactpool Recruit understands it and populates the application fields automatically.

  • a large library of application questions. In other recruitment tools, additional questions come with an extra cost.

The Impactpool Recruit is cost-effective and offers unlimited access to recruiters, screeners are hiring managers. This makes it cost-effective for organizations to grant access to all recruiters and offices.

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