#WIT4Impact - We reach gender parity before Elon Musk land on Mars!

In 2024 Elon Musk will land the first Humans on Mars. 4 years later, in 2028, the United Nations target to reach gender parity.  At Impactpool, we gather top talents to solve global challenges, and we know that achieving gender parity in 2028 is a piece of cake compared to land Humans on Mars. 

To reach gender parity is not a problem itself, it is the lack of  sincere willingness and commitment to the goal that creates a problem. We believe the main obstacle is found in internal culture, resistance to change, strong incentives to preserve status quo and lame ambitions and willingness to reallyachieve the goal. 

Impactpool is the world’s fastest-growing social career site and we take gender parity seriously. One area where women of all time have been hindered or faced challenges to advance a career is tech. With this campaign we are focused on changing that pattern, we have lined up the most credible organizations in the world and together we invite you to join our women in the tech pool. You join the pool and organizations will be able to find you when there is a match and a need.

What do we want to achieve? 

We have 2 goals with this campaign.

  • Goal 1 is to spread awareness about tech careers 4 Impact among women. Many civil engineers or tech professionals don’t even consider a career at the UN or at International organizations when scanning for career opportunities, they don’t know these jobs exist.

  • Goal 2 is to support purpose-driven companies and organizations to find women talents. We are therefore building and opening up a searchable pool for these organizations. Organizations will get access to search the pool for talents and invite relevant profiles to their recruitments. This is one of the first known attempts ever to harmonize talent search and sourcing between organizations that wants to make the world better, we make collaborate around talents a reality.

As a registered member in this pool, you will receive information, job alerts, but you will also be requested to indicate your availability. 

- Impactpool's large talent network and the innovative collaboration for talents component, make this initiative unique, says Magnus Bucht, CEO and Co-founder of  Impactpool. 

Talents registered in the pool, will receive information, job alerts, but also be asked to indicate availability. The purpose is to engage and keep the pool up-to-date.

If Elon Musk can land on Mars in 4 years time, we can reach gender parity now!

What profiles are we looking for?

Several organizations will be having their own months, the first month is focused at sourcing women with expertise in the below areas. Every months, new and additional profiles will be added, this month we are looking for:

  • Computing and Information Technology

  • Mechanics

  • Electronics

  • Electrical engineering

  • Controls and Data acquisition

  • Health and safety

  • Civil Engineering

  • Physics and Mathematics

  • Infrastructure and Urban-Rural development

  • Architecture, Building and Property Management

  • Energy

If you have a relevant profile, click here to join the WIT4Impact talent pool.

If you are an organization that would like to have access to the #WIT4Impact pool please don't hesitate to Contact us!