A guide to buying a recruitment system for an International Organization

Are you an International organisation, NGO, CSO or another type of Impact organization? This White Paper provides you with a checklist on what you should consider before you choose a new or first recruitment system.

This guide is written for you who are working in an Impact Organization and are about to purchase/procure a new recruitment system (Applicant Tracking System (ATS)).

The guide will provide you with valuable tips and advice irrespective of whether you today manage your recruitments via email, webforms, excel or if you already have a recruitment system in place.

The jungle of recruitment systems out there is challenging to navigate. Most systems are built for commercial organisations and a local context, and it isn't easy to foresee if they will be an excellent fit for your organisation and your recruitments. What is most essential for you and what are features that will make a difference for your organisation? Some key aspects that we have seen after working both within and together with so many international organisations are that you choose a system that:

  • has a workflow that matches your organization;

  • offers customised questions in the application form so that you can continue using a digital version of your application form;

  • has the ability to build talent rosters;

  • has the highest standard of data protection and complies with GDPR;

  • offers a comprehensive audit trail;

  • effectively helps you to reach out to a diverse pool of relevant candidates for your jobs.

In our guide, we will go through questions to ask in your needs analysis, who the key stakeholders are that you should involve in the process, system security, analytics, differences between systems, and many other areas that will be important for you.

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