What is social sourcing and how effective is it?

Did you ever think that most of your candidates would be the ones that are passive? They are content with their current job or at least not actively looking for a new job. To catch their attention and to stay in touch with them, you need to be seen on social media.  Social media, that has become today's go-to platform for information for almost anything and most certainly for jobs that want to be matched to those hidden talents. 

What is social sourcing?

Social sourcing is the process of finding active and passive candidates through the use of social media, social platforms and social networks for recruiting purposes. On the other end, recruiters ofthe use social media profiles, blogs, and online communities to find and search for candidate data and information. It is also often used as branding and building an image around the employer.

Why social sourcing?

Social media has become quite central in way we live today. The first and the last thing we do is to check our preferred social media channel. Just the numbers confirm that… Facebook has 2 billion users, Twitter,  328 million and LinkedIn 500 million! We will find our potential candidates on these platforms and other ones, such as Instagram (800 million), Pintrest and Snapchat. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials. To attract them and engage with them, sourcing through social platforms are essential.

There is a general global skill shortage currently.  More than 40% of European, Japanese, Mexican or Korean employees, feel that their skill levels do not correspond to those required by the job. Employers report difficulty in filling jobs, suggesting that the skills are not available on the job market. 86% of organisations claim they have a shortage in leadership skills and in the succession plan of leaders.

Think mobile, mobile, mobile when crafting your message. Approx 60-80 % (differences between countries) of job seekers are searching for jobs on their mobile, through search engines, social platforms. As much as, 72% go to a career site from their mobile.

The social channels contains a lot of data of your potential candidates. This user generated data is crucial to explore different patterns of engagement from which you take well-informed decisionsdata-driven approach and analysis to find the passive and active candidates you are looking for is the most efficient way to reach out to your targeted audience.

Sourcing through the social channels will help you build your employer brand to stay relevant and attractive for your audience and create the image your workplace has.

What is social sourcing used for?

68% of the Best-in-class organisations see the use of social media as critical to the recruitment strategy in comparison to all others. Up until now the opportunity of using social media has been under-utilized. Social media is becoming more than only building an organisational brand, it is an effective way to find and reach out to large groups of talented individuals, to build relationships, to create an employer image and to engage with candidates.

How effective is social sourcing?

Organisations that used social media were dramatically more effective in time to hire (800%) and cost per hire (186%) versus organisations who do not use social networks (figure below).

Of the organisations working with social sourcing, 42% say candidate quality has improved. Additionally,  31 % saw an increase in employee referrals.

However 93% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting whereas the activity is in other channels - 76% are active daily on Facebook, 51% use Instagram daily. Only 18% of potential candidates are daily on LinkedIn.

The engagement online, together with some internal data such as: employee engagement, number of referrals and feedback from candidates on selection and induction process will be relevant data for interpreting the status of your employer brand and employer image. This is will give a fabulous insight on what steps to take next. 

If you would like to discuss how to start or advance your social sourcing, feel free to send us an e-mail: service@impactpool.org